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“World Christians” Have God’s Heart for the Nations

A married couple in Southern California might be identified as “World Christians.” According to Claude Hickman, writing in Perspectives on the World Christian Movement, they have committed themselves to help send missionaries to the nations of the world. They both have good jobs. They made a decision to live off of one salary and give the entire second salary away to support missions.

Their sacrificial gifts are making deep impact as they partner with those missionaries who are spreading the message of Jesus. Even though they rarely leave California themselves, their gifts have gospel influence all over the world. They are living lives of purpose: God’s purpose.

“World Christians” have God’s heart for the world. If they cannot go as missionaries themselves, then they send, and welcome, and mobilize. According to Hickman, all Christians can do this. “Being involved in sending is also a practice for every World Christian to embrace. As Jesus said, ‘Where your treasure is, there your heart will be also’ (Matthew 6:21). The World Christian allows the compass of God’s heart to direct their resources. The habit of sending involves a decision to connect our heart to God’s heart by investing our treasure in His mission.”

I believe that generous giving to support world missions is a feature of Christian discipleship. You and I may not be able to give as much of our income as the California couple, but we can pray and ask God to lead us. We can follow His guidance in our giving. In doing this we, too, can be World Christians who help send God’s missionaries to the nations. It’s a decision we make to live according to God’s purpose.