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An Inspiring Example

One of the reasons I am in the pastoral ministry today is because of the example of my uncle, Mahlon Amstutz. This may be because he and Aunt Ruth were regarded as heroes in the household where I was reared. Whenever a letter came from Chile—an aerogram on carefully-folded tissue paper with exotic postage stamps—it […]

The Right Thing to Do

I recycle. Cans, glass jars, plastic bottles, newspapers, and paper bags go in the recycling bins every day. I place the blue bins on the curb every Sunday night. A newspaper article said that the processing of all this recycled stuff actually costs the city money. It is not profitable. Well, that’s okay with me. I […]

Walkin’ Man

Richard Rogers and Lorenz Hart wrote a song that comes to mind every time I visit the region where my wife Connie grew up. She was reared in the beautiful Virginia Highlands, and whenever I return I find myself humming and thinking of the lyrics to “Mountain Greenery.” “In a mountain greenery where God paints […]