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Let’s be honest about not being married. It is difficult being a “single” Christ-follower in our culture. Messages from everywhere tell us to behave in ways that are opposite of what the Bible teaches. And, added to that, singles often feel out of place in “couples-oriented” churches. It takes a lot of courage to just visit a church by yourself, let alone find a way to get connected! But being involved in a church is a great way to make meaningful, lasting friendships with some pretty awesome people. Godly people are found where God is worshipped. It is much more enjoyable to travel our journey with great Christian friends at our sides.

Our church recognizes the need to support a singles ministry at MBC. We desire for people of all ages, married or single, to be involved in worship and service together. One family serving the one God.

What do we offer? We have a young adult singles ministry; one geared for adults a bit older; a divorce recovery group for those going through that painful journey; and a support group for single parents. We recognize single adults come in all “shapes”: never married, divorced, widowed, and single parents. You are welcome here.

We have two Sunday morning classes dedicated to single adults: CROSSROADS (singles – 30s to 40s) and SOUL FOCUS (50s up). (Of course all of the other Sunday morning classes welcome single adults, too!) Both of these groups have small group Bible studies that meet during the week, as well as fellowship opportunities for making deeper connections.

Whatever your age or situation, we want to be friends with you … to know you … to serve with you.

trudy hoffsommerFor more information, contact Trudy Hoffsommer, Director of Single Adult/Young Adult Ministries at

Oklahoma City

Metropolitan Baptist Church is at the corner of N Rockwell Avenue and W Britton Road. You will find parking on both the east and west sides of the main building. The main entrance is on the east side. If you are not a member, visitor parking is available near the main entrance.