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Pastor's Corner (Page 8)

Feeling Better

The last six weeks of pretty serious nerve pain have been difficult. I am grateful for good medical care and for medicines which eased my discomfort, even though there were side effects. The good news is that I am doing much better now, and I’m easing myself off the pain medicine gradually, as I was […]

Let’s Talk Politics

If a Mormon becomes a nominee for president, people who vote for him should not do so because he is a “Christian.” The Mormon “Jesus” is as different from the Jesus of the Bible as the Muslim Allah is different from the God of the Bible. If people vote for him, it should be on […]

Confessions of a Wimp

I don’t like pain. As a matter of fact, I go to considerable lengths to avoid it. I’m not brave when it comes to pain. When it comes, I want it to go away. I am in pain. Three weeks ago in a doctor’s office I was told I have shingles, and I should expect […]

Listening and Living

Matt Menhennett, our Middle School Director here at Metropolitan, shared a story I want to pass along to you. He told me about one of the students who attends our church who came to him after a worship service. He had been listening intently to my message about heaven. He told Matt that he wanted […]

The Wider Ministry of Short-term Missions

Through the years the church has supported me in various short-term mission opportunities. This has been in keeping with the church’s mission policy which states: ”The Metropolitan Baptist Church pastoral staff members are encouraged to accept invitations to minister in other countries or to assist mission organizations in the U.S ….The involvement of our pastors […]

Off to Poland!

When Poland was a part of the Soviet Communist empire, there were faithful Bible-believing Christians continuing to carry on the work of the gospel in spite of oppression. When freedom came to Poland and the other eastern bloc countries, I had the joy of teaching and serving some of these religious workers who were affiliated […]

Nearer Home

The coming of the New Year reminds us of the passage of time. For some people, the thought of life ebbing away is depressing, even terrifying. Some people expect no existence beyond this life, no eternity beyond time. For them, a New Year’s Eve celebration expresses the ancient philosophy: “Eat, drink, and be merry, for […]

A Christmas Letter from Pastor Faulkner

Dear Metropolitan Church Family: On behalf of our pastoral team, I want to wish you a very happy celebration of our Lord’s birth! As you know, Christmas Day falls on Sunday, the Lord’s Day, this year. Months ago, our pastors decided to combine our two services into one special Christmas service on Christmas Sunday this […]

The Spirit of the Season

In my message last Sunday (December 11), I pointed out that the spirit of Christmas in the New Testament scriptures is the Holy Spirit. The Spirit of God is emphasized in the accounts of the birth of our Lord Jesus. I suggest that you look for the role of the Holy Spirit as you read […]

A Solemn Warning

The career of legendary football coach Joe Paterno ended abruptly last week. He was summarily fired by the Board of Regents of the Pennsylvania State University because of what he failed to do, and because of what he did. As you know from news coverage, Coach Paterno allowed a suspected child molester to remain involved […]