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Pastor's Corner (Page 3)

A Higher Goal

For centuries, the music of worship was produced by chanting monks and clerics. With the Reformation, chiefly under the influence of Martin Luther, the people were taught and encouraged to sing to the Lord. Luther wrote hymns, and he pleaded with others to produce new and singable melodies and hymn-texts by which ordinary Christians could […]

All for Jesus

My mother, Magdalene Amstutz Faulkner, died six years ago at the age of 97. As I observed her life, I saw a life filled with the Spirit of Jesus. All of life was for Him. Whether she was occupied with the inglorious work of doing laundry for her five boys, or balancing a checkbook, or […]

Good News for Our City

Some time ago I was invited to deliver a devotional message and prayer as “Chaplain of the Day” for the Oklahoma Legislature. This was at the invitation of my friend, Representative Jason Nelson. I began my talk with a few words about a man who is a cultural icon, a consultant to presidents, and who […]

An Inspiring Example

One of the reasons I am in the pastoral ministry today is because of the example of my uncle, Mahlon Amstutz. This may be because he and Aunt Ruth were regarded as heroes in the household where I was reared. Whenever a letter came from Chile—an aerogram on carefully-folded tissue paper with exotic postage stamps—it […]

Memorial Day 2014

The Memorial Day holiday used to be known as “Decoration Day.” It was initiated in 1868 by General John A. Logan for the purpose of decorating the graves of Civil War veterans. It has since become a day on which all United States war dead are commemorated. Memorial Day used to be observed on the […]

Beloved Brother

A Beloved Brother

The apostle Peter referred to the apostle Paul as “our beloved brother, Paul.” That is how all of us in the Metropolitan church family feel about Paul Purifoy. He has endeared himself to this congregation duirng his fourteen years of ministry among us. We are exceedingly thankful for all the ways Paul’s ministry has enriched […]

Bradford pear

Not a Made-Up Story

From my office window I am able to see the new life bursting forth in the trees across Britton Road. The blooming of the redbud and Bradford pear trees alongside the pale green of the new growth now emerging from the elms and cottonwoods is a beautiful contrast to the dark shades of the evergreens. […]

Inspiring Parents

Inspiring Parents to Inspire Their Kids

Connie and I recently watched a movie together. When it was over, we agreed that we should encourage our adult children to watch it with their children! The movie was “Gifted Hands: The Ben Carson Story.” I recommend it to parents who wish to inspire their children to excel in life, no matter what their […]

The Cove

Familiar Truths

Paul Purifoy and I have just returned from the Billy Graham Training and Conference Center at The Cove, in Asheville, North Carolina. We had the privilege of attending a conference for church leaders on the theme of discipleship training. The keynote speaker for the conference was Dr. Robert Coleman, whose classic book on discipleship, The […]