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Pastor's Corner (Page 3)

A Successful Journey

In moments of weakness and flagging faith, I fight the temptation to doubt the efficacy of prayer. Books have been written on the theological questions raised by prayers that appear to go unanswered. The Bible has many stories of well known persons who prayed but did not receive what they asked for. I do not […]

Thoughts on Thinking

Pete Carroll, coach of the Seattle Seahawks, has had six months to think about it. Sports Illustrated magazine said it may have been the worst play call in Super Bowl history. It happened last February in Super Bowl 49. The Seahawks had the ball on the Patriots’ one yard line. Coach Carroll called for a […]

All That Jazz

Last Saturday I went to see my father-in-law Herman Thompson. As most readers know, he resides in the Veteran’s Administration nursing center in Norman, Oklahoma. He is 102 years of age and a veteran of World War II. I wheeled him to the elevator, and we went down to a large room where the elderly […]

Statement Read to Congregation – June 28, 2015

A Statement Read to the Congregation of Metropolitan Baptist Church, Oklahoma City, Sunday, June 28, 2015,  by Pastor Randall Faulkner   As your pastor I believe it is necessary for me to make a statement about last Friday’s Supreme Court ruling. The Court has again extended its reach into the very heart of the nation’s […]

Not Me, God!

Not me. Surely you don’t mean me when you say “pray.” After all, you’re the Lord of the harvest. What can my prayers do, When it’s all up to you? Not me. Surely you don’t mean me when you say “share.” After all, you own it all anyway. What can my giving do, When it’s […]

Six Ways to Influence Political Outcomes

The next presidential election is over a year away. Already potential candidates are lining up support for their primary campaigns. It is interesting to me that several of them are eager to identify themselves as Christians. Does a candidate’s religious identity ensure that she or he will be an effective president? There are politicians who never […]

A Higher Goal

For centuries, the music of worship was produced by chanting monks and clerics. With the Reformation, chiefly under the influence of Martin Luther, the people were taught and encouraged to sing to the Lord. Luther wrote hymns, and he pleaded with others to produce new and singable melodies and hymn-texts by which ordinary Christians could […]

All for Jesus

My mother, Magdalene Amstutz Faulkner, died six years ago at the age of 97. As I observed her life, I saw a life filled with the Spirit of Jesus. All of life was for Him. Whether she was occupied with the inglorious work of doing laundry for her five boys, or balancing a checkbook, or […]