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May 20, 2018

Search Committee Announcement
Joy Heidebrecht and Sam Ragan
Sunday May 20, 2018

As a member of the Pastor Search committee I am well aware that our church is in a time of transition with Pastor Randy having retired only a few short weeks ago. The Pastor Search committee, made up of your peers, has been called to search out, and recommend the man God has called and prepared to become our next senior pastor.
This task is weighty and requires much and is not well served by a sense of self sufficiency on our part, but only by, in, and through the power of prayer will we be not only effective but faithful to the task.
With that in mind, Pastor Randy selected a prayer team for the search committee and the church as we go through this journey.
Jesus gave us the example of spending much time in prayer all through his ministry and Metropolitan has always entered into each challenge with a commitment to prayer. With that focus we wanted you to know who the prayer team was:

Pedro & Glenda Gismondi
Keith Roberson
Ben Love
Jane Tanner
Rita Spencer
Mary Weed
John Vincent
Bill O Hare
Sam Ragan
Susan Smith
Jan Dunham
Monty and Carolyn Churchill
and Larry Ortega.

I have invited Sam Ragan to join me so that we might be encouraged.

Joy: “Sam, would you share briefly about your weekly times together and what God has called the team to pray for?”

Sam: “In our first meeting the prayer group looked at 1 Samuel 16: 1-13. God had already chosen one of Jesse’s sons as the next king. Samuel had to find him. God has already chosen our next senior pastor. Our prayer is that the search committee, hear God’s voice as clearly as Samuel did.”

Joy: “Thank you Sam and the rest of the team for your faithful service in prayer.”

The decision of our next pastor needs to be made with the supernatural power and guidance of prayer and that will come from each of us praying, our church unified in prayer.