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March 4, 2018

Search Committee Announcement
Robin Jones

When they asked me to be on the search committee, I said I’m not sure that you would really want me. For those of you who don’t know me, let’s just say, often I draw a little outside the lines to the great discomfort of some folks.

But, here I am, on the search committee. And just as God determined I would be a good choice for the committee, God has determined who would be the best choice for our next pastor. We just need to be faithful.

Metropolitan Baptist Church has an unfolding narrative, we are a living story. As God is creating the story of the world, we are living our individual and corporate story as a church. Not only is our church in the beginning of a new chapter of our story, we might need to be reminded that it is a chapter of a vibrant future. A future with a pastor who may or may not be a reflection of our individual age, may or may not be similar to our particular social standing, or may or may not be a reflection of our personal traditional preferences but this person will be the pastor God has chosen for us.

I won’t ask for a show of hands, but I am pretty sure most people here think God is sovereign. And as God reminds me often, either he is sovereign, or he isn’t. There is no little bit sovereign. And our sovereign God is guiding us through this process and has the end in sight.

The committee has been asked what our timeline is. Our timeline is not measured by a calendar but by ours and your faithfulness to God’s timing.

This isn’t just the search committee’s job either, each of you has a responsibility and the privilege to pray for the process, for the selection, and for the need grace to embrace what is best for the unity and future of our church.

You might like to know that:

  1. We have had over 40 applications and of those 40 there are several that are exceptional.
  2. There is now a Search Committee page on the church web page with prayer items and general information.
  3. If would like to have someone submit a resume, we have an email just for that—

The search committee invites you to join us as we learn what God has for us as we remember that the journey is just as important as the destination of when we welcome our new pastor.