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You Can Support Missions By:


How to Pray for Your Missionary

Monthly prayer calendars are available with specific requests from our missionaries and are placed on the Wednesday night prayer sheet. A suggested plan of for our missionaries follows.

Sunday: Spiritual Disciples – Missionary’s prayer life and personal devotion

Monday: Money – Support needs – Missionary’s personal stewardship

Tuesday: Team Members – Relationship with co-workers and with national workers

Wednesday: Witness – Boldness to proclaim the gospel – Open doors of opportunity to minister

Thursday: Temptation from developing wrong attitudes; from being discouraged and giving up; from being impure

Friday: Family – Missionary’s marriage – Children

Saturday: Safety – Missionary’s travel – Missionary’s health

Faith Promise Giving

What is Faith Promise?

Metropolitan’s Faith Promise is the financial means for our church to expand into the world with the Gospel. Learn more about what Faith Promise Giving means and the scripture behind it on our Give / Missions page.

Writing to Missionaries

What to write about:

You and your family. Describe what’s happening in the various areas of your lives: spiritual, physical, social, vocational, etc.

News about your town, especially if they are from the same location. Include local attractions, special community events and sporting news.

Church information. Be positive! New members, special outreach, Sunday School events, youth ministry.

A good time to write is when you have seen or heard something complimentary about the missionary or if they have been prayed for specifically for some need.

Ask the missionary about his or her work, but do not make your message all questions and do not expect a speedy reply.

Let your missionary know your prayer requests. They count it a privilege to pray for friends.

Share a spiritual lesson you have learned, but don’t sound preachy.

Share a joke with them, enclose a page from Reader’s Digest, or relate a funny incident that has happened to you.

Send a card for special occasions like birthdays, anniversaries and holidays. Add a comment or two to make it personal.

When sending a letter, remember the following points:

Always send cards and letters airmail or via e-mail.

Typed letters are easier to read, but if you do not type, write. Keep messages brief and lively. Short notes sent frequently are more appreciated than a long letter every three years.

Include in the envelope items like news clippings and church bulletins. Also include photographs of people, places and/or events.

Sending items with your letter may increase your postage, but they are good reminders of what is going on back home.

If writing to a missionary in a sensitive area, observe any precautions they have instructed. If uncertain, ask the Missions Committee for details.

You will make your missionary’s day by writing!