Sunday Worship Services | 8:30AM & 11:00AM
7201 W. Britton Road, OKC
(corner of N Rockwell Ave & W Britton Rd)

Compassion Ministries

Following the example of the servanthood of Jesus, Metropolitan Baptist Church is committed to serving people in our community in His name. We believe ministries of humble service and compassion provide avenues of witness to the good news of redemption through Jesus. Metropolitan’s ministries of compassion are based on the idea that the Great Commission (to proclaim the gospel) and the Great Commandment (to love our neighbors as ourselves) cannot be separated. Good news and good deeds go together. Ministries of compassion reflect the attitude of Jesus Christ who loved the poor and cared for those who needed help. By showing compassion to our neighbors who have real needs, we make visible the love of Jesus Christ. By meeting the real needs of people with acts of unconditional love, we create opportunities for sharing the good news and for making disciples. These refreshing touches of grace have the effect of making the gospel attractive to those who may not otherwise consider it.

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