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Faith Promise Giving

What is Faith Promise?
Metropolitan’s Faith Promise is the financial means for our church to expand into the world with the Gospel. Since our first World Missions Conference in 1957, the Faith Promise Fund has been provided by the Lord and above the general church budget through Faith Promise giving. What does Faith Promise mean? Faith Promise requires a commitment. One commits himself to an amount of money and by faith, based on God’s promises, trusts Him to be able to meet that commitment.

Is Faith Promise scriptural?
The basis for Faith Promise giving is found in 2 Corinthians 8-9. Verse 3 in Chapter 8 uses the expression “to their power” (their ability) and “beyond their power” (God’s ability). This passage is addressing giving within your abilities, such as offerings, and also trusting God to give through you beyond your ability, which is a Faith Promise offering. Faith Promise is simply trusting God for an amount of money which you do not have in order that it might be used specifically for Christ’s global cause.

How are Faith Promise gifts used?
Our church directly supports World Missions through Faith Promise giving. Your Faith Promise gifts are used to help support missionaries and organizations world-wide as well as short-term missions. Your Missions Committee prayerfully and carefully selects the career missionaries and projects that will be supported through your Faith Promise giving.

How do I become a sender by giving to Faith Promise missions?
As God provides the finances, simply give! Each month you may designate a specific amount to go to a particular Faith Promise Mission by so indicating on a slip accompanying your check.