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A Day to Pause and Be Thankful

cake_13295bcI am writing this on my 70th birthday. Thoughtful people and good friends have reached out to me with cards, Facebook messages and personal greetings. I hardly know what to say. I am flattered by all the fuss.

My closest ministry colleagues gathered to sing “Happy Birthday.” I don’t know if they were required to pay a royalty to the copyright owners, but sing it they did! We enjoyed birthday cake together.

This morning I bowed my head in a prayer of thanksgiving for parents who gave me life. They provided excellent training and a good example. My wife Connie is God’s best gift to me. My children are a source of pride and deep satisfaction. My brothers make me proud to be a Faulkner.

On this birthday I am grateful for the promise of eternal life through “faith in the Son of God Who loved me and gave Himself for me.”